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Hi! my name is Francis


I was born in Marikina City, Manila, Philippines, a place you’ve probably never heard of. Francis Edward Tagulao Sacluti, is a really long name, so you can just call me Francis. Ever since I was a kid, I was obsessed with music. I had my first guitar at the age of 7, and I haven’t stopped strumming since. Shortly after my 10th birthday, my family relocated to Reno, Nevada; the place where I would spend most of my teenage years. With my new set of friends, I was introduced to rap and hip-hop, and started to write my own secret lyrics. So throughout Middle School, I was known as this beat-boxing/rapper Filipino kid. But as I start to pick up different instruments, such as piano and ukulele, I figured that it’s pretty rough trying to play these instruments and rap simultaneously. So, I started singing, literally nonstop. Once I graduated High School, I wanted to major in music, but I considered that I don’t really need a certificate telling me that I’m pretty good, I just need some money to buy the right equipment and I can improve during the process of learning! And so instead of going to college, I decided to enlist in the U.S. Navy as a Corpsman for 5 years while I work on my music. It gave me a chance to travel the world, make money, and work on my craft! I’ve been living in Okinawa, Japan for the last 3 years, serving my country, and writing a full 10 song album (and counting!) in the process! I even got this mini studio in my barracks room that I use to record and practice producing music! I’m still learning the ins and outs of music production, so I haven’t recorded all of it yet. But if I ever get an idea or any sort of inspiration, I make sure to make a quick voice memo and write it down so I’m constantly, writing new songs; horrible ones and hopefully good ones too haha! But throughout this process, I've actually just released my first ever single in all streaming services; since it was just vocals and the uke, it was really easy to produce! I’m still pretty inexperienced, so it might not sound “professional,” but I assure you, I will only keep improving. If I find a great producer with similar interests, my upcoming music would be pre- tty dope! I have one year left in my Navy contract until I give this music thing my all, so keep on the look out and join me in this journey!

Stank you smelly mucho,





No Doubt

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No Doubt

by francis.

First single.


I Can't

by francis.

Second single.



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